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Who We Are

The need for safety/security is the second most important next to physiological needs as to the Maslow’s need hierarchy. Everyone, despite social and economic status, would like to be safe. From this fact it is simple to infer to what extent security service is a serious and difficult responsibility. In the era we are living, in particular, where people are experiencing stressful life as a result of fear of crime such an endeavor is really demanding. With due understanding of the aforementioned facts, it was in 2006 that this Company entered the industry of security service. In the last four years the Company has increased and improved the type, magnitude and quality of its service to a great extent by making use of well trained security personnel, well studied organizational structure and modern technologies. Moreover, the Company is providing continuous training for its personnel using its own well educated and trained trainers and well developed training manual. As a result, its customers who include governmental organizations, NGOs, private business companies, private households etc. are expressing their satisfaction with the quality of the service being rendered. Thus, we invite you to be our customer ensuring that we are able to reach, if not we can go beyond, your expectation.

Our Branch Offices

1. Bihoftu
2. Adama
3. Burayu
4. Muger
5. Mekele
6. Shire
7. Hawasa
8. Benshangul
9. Gambela- Figido
10. Afar - Semera
11. Dredawa
12. Kombolcha
13. Bahir Dar
14. Woliso
15. Wolayta Sodo
16. Asayita
17. Berhale

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The International Organizations, Non Governmental Offices, Governmental Offices, Private Limited Companies, Hotels and private residences that our company delivered it's services are our true performance witnesses. Therefore; Lion Security Service Private Limited Company invites you to look at our clientele before you decide to choose any security firm.

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See How It Works

Lion Security Service PLC, being the leader in the industry, first analysis its clients' needs and the way they are incorporated. Then secondly Lion chooses the best strategy to cover the bases of every security need. Thirdly Lion security will deploy the best personnel and management to fit the requirement. Lion will always work intensively to keep its clients safe. That's how we stand out from the crowed.

Experience Matters

In the Field of Security provision Experience is everything. Through our experience in the past ten years we have acquired the knowledge and intelligence that we couldn't get it in any kind of training. Now having a decade of experience in the field of Security we are the most looked for security firm in the Country.

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Lion Security Service PLC.

MegenagnaRoad / Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia +251 11-6-55 35 73 / 011-8-121152 or 0922-464041 / 0922-725597