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Providing well trained and professional security related training janitors, truck and car drivers, escorting, and related services.


What did customers need to bring in order to request service?


What are the terms and conditions to be fulfilled before each customer get any kind of services .


Customer testimonials is a good way of proving that the service that we provide is up to the standard.

How much are you Secure

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The need for safety/security is the second most important next to physiological needs as to the Maslow’s need hierarchy. Everyone, despite social and economic status, would like to be safe.
From this fact it is simple to infer to what extent security service is a


As a concluding remark, the company would like to call your attention to the following three points when you are conducting selection of private security agency.

  • Check that the company is legally licensed;
  • Is the license to train security guards and provide for customers; and
  • Because ’seeing is believing’, take a time and visit the concerned companies so as you can have actual information about them.

We strive for the best quality security service and customer satisfaction.


If you’re overweight or obese, exercise along with diet can reduce your risk of chronic disease. That’s the conclusion of a new study in the journal Cancer Research, which found that losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight through the combined effort can result in a measurable reduction of markers for inflammation.


Meet our Security Expert

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Topics offered in our comprehensive model integrate body, mind and spirit health. Sessions range from high-engagement options including health screenings to more traditional presentations.


Let us take care your garden

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A good friend of mine, Sara, is a mother of two, living a busy life with a full-time job. For months she had been ignoring the fact that she was constantly short of breath. She assumed it was because she hadn’t been working out and old age was catching up to her.

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Service Rendered

Our Services

  • Our Services Security Training
    we will deliver scientific and professional training based on need assessment for those who have the...
  • Our Services Building Security
    With due understanding of the aforementioned facts, it was in 2006 that this Company entered the ind...
  • Our Services Security Escort
    One of the service that Lion security service is giving to its customers is that to give a safe esco...
  • Our Services Resource Profile
    For the service that we offer we have more than enough resource materials both human and other mater...
  • Our Services Traning Service
    For those companies who has their own security guards we give them detail information and training o...
  • Our Services Residence Security
    We provide security service for a residence also. Lion Security is also known for giving security se...

Customer's say about us

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure your security is handled by professional Security Service
UNHCR Addis Ababa
We hereby certify that the company has been providing 24 hours security service for UNHCR Addis Ababa office, warehouse and field offices located at Addis Ababa
British Council. Tamrat Lonseco
The British Council has also been satisfied with Lion Security Service PLC prompt response to its calls for unscheduled break downs.
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