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For the service that we offer we have more than enough resource materials both human and other materials that would help the rendered services.


Moreover our human resources are being trained and have good


Our service is accompanied by some useful equipment's that would help our staff members in giving service (Security Service) in a much more sufficient way.

Equipment 1


Equipment 2


Equipment 3


Equipment 4


Equipment 5



Lion is providing continuous training for its personnel using its own well educated and trained trainers and well developed training manual. As a result, its customers who include governmental organizations, NGO’s, private business companies, private households etc. are expressing their satisfaction with the quality of the service being rendered.
Additional Info.
Services being rendered:- Providing well trained and professional security related training janitors, truck and car drivers, escorting, and related services. Moreover, we will deliver scientific and professional training based on need assessment for those who have their own guards.
Frequently asked questions
If a new customer needs our service, if it is for a company they need to bring ID from the company and Renewed License given by the Government, and if the customer is a foreigner it needs ID given by the Foreign Affairs Office. And if the company needs the service for other branch office list all the branch office address in detail. 
Training on the service
Our belief in giving training to our staff is a serious issue, we give detail security training to our staff's and an up to date information on security issue and material handling technique. 
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