Giving Training

We provide security service for a residence also. Lion Security is also known for giving security service for foreign diplomats residence.


For those companies who has their own security guards we give them detail information and training on the security handling.


For the service that we offer we have more than enough resource materials both human and other materials that would help the rendered services.


One of the service that Lion security service is giving to its customers is that to give a safe escort service for customers who are coming to Ethiopia and travelling to different parts of the country.


With due understanding of the aforementioned facts, it was in 2006 that this Company entered the industry of security service. In the last four years the Company has increased and improved the type, magnitude and quality

we will deliver scientific and professional training based on need assessment for those who have their own guards. In addition to this if your company is in need of a human resource on the security service we are available.

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